SL&C is now further planning on brand development in Korean cuisine since the first launching of Korean Grill Brand ‘Just Butcher’s’ in May, 2017

Selected 1++ Korean beef sirloin restaurant

New ‘Bulgogi’ concept

Specializing 1++ Korean beef sirloin restaurant

Unique Concept Specialty

Wet-aging beef under 1.2℃ for 21 days 2.0 cm that produces most tender and juicy meatSelected charcoal that has been baked under 1.200℃ for 26 days

3 Kinds flavor of Signature Ribeye

Cutting beef sirloin slice that has 3 different flavors by parts

Selected 1++ Korean beef sirloin

Providing Korean beef originated from Andong, Korea

Korean Marinated Beef with Selected Mushroom

Bulgogi fermented twice

48 hours waiting to deepen the taste

Marinated Beef Aging 24-hours in hand-made Soy Sauce repeatedly

Fresh Cooked Rice in Cast Iron

The most delicious cooked rice in the world

Good smell and glutinosity optimized for rice cooked in a caldron, domestic rice with high moisture rate

Selected Healthy Mushroom

Luxury food ingredients with the energy of our land

4 kinds of mashrooms adding taste and health